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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  April 17, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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graduating from college this year s3 found nnhampden.the woman - investigstiin into what up.pened and who she is coming next time yyu're at a ravens ggme... behave yourseef.the "for little kkdss i don't from 3 thhnk it's apppopriate." approppiate."and mobile strip ccub?where thii is.. and the 3 &p3 3 today is tuesday aaril 17th. ,3&
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3 a gruesome discovery in &phampden.the skeletal remains of a female were found in the poods near 41-st street.megan
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gilliland is here with more on what pooice can tell us about good morning patrice, detectiies eeamiied the skull ann bones... but since the &premains were so badlyy decomposed... they could nly tell it was a femalee we do want to warn you some of the pictures you are about to see areegraphic. graphic.and certainly startled some neighbors in hampden.but employees who worr at thee woods... say they're not surprised. they'vv found &premains here before and they wonder if it could be a homeeess are known to set uu camp in the area... taking bonee to the medical examiner. where they're hoping they can get some answers like... what happeneddto his woman and who is she? < "so i bet a lot of people out here are wondering... or never showed back up." "it the city.">>6:57 "well iihope they find wwo it is." is."until the innestigation is
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complete... it's unclear if the woman died naturaaly in the woods... or perhaps was dumpee there. pollceecouldn't say if there were any obvious signs of trauma.again we'll have to wait to hear back from thee pedical examiner.i'm megan gilliland, foxx5 morning news. a new strategy in the search for a severna park man who en missing forr18 years. - anne arundel county police along with del ar va search anddrescue combed the woods of nineties... an area south of here was checked, but not the woods.caddver dogs are looking for any signs of james ole... who disappeared in 1994.on monday, they fouud some items phich will now e sent to the medical eeaminder's oofice. years, you almostthave to wonderrwhat the circumstances are, my heart ttlls me ii may have been foul play" play"cole's family has since moved tootexas.
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virginia judge ruled that is his sentencing date.he's the former nnversitt of virginiaa lacrosse player, ccnviced in the beating death of his ex- girlfriend... cockeysville native yeardley love.huguely faces up tt 26 years behind bars.his attorneys already a motton to retry he case. 3 a follow up to a story you saw fiist fox...bail has been set at a alf million dollarrs for a suspect n a videooaped attacc on a balttmorr visitor. prior to surrendering to policee.. 20 year old aaron paasons' and his attornee sat &pdoww with fox 455 during the interview parsons' explained how he had een ddinking and pe wass orry for what happened. parsons has been in trouble with police. a point his attorney pointed to in an effort to gee hii bail lowerrd. on friday bail was set at a 3&10:02:51 the bail 5 hundrrd
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it'ssbetter thhn a million ann much etter than what pretrail whicc is ludicrous that's what 3 you give murderers 100:03:03 33& here's a look at three oth individuuls olice are interesting in tracking down in connection with this know anything, contact police. u-s secret seevice agents had their secuuityyclearances pevoked in connection with what'' been called the biggestt scandal in the agency's history.officials say they are looking into claims that prostitutes in their rooms in - jessica yellin explains... the investigation also involves at least five anddpossibly 10 u-s military personnel who were workiig with the secret serviie ahead of president barack obaaa's trip to the summit oo the americas. 3 &pthe president was in columbii to taak trade and push neww relatioos with cuba. but his pollcy genna was overshadowed by flashy headllnes about prostitutes
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happened ere in columbba is beingginvestigated by thh service, i expecttthaa investigation to be thorough and i eepect it out that sooe of the turns allegations that have been made in the prees are confirmmd then of course i'll be annry." according to several government officials, days before tte resident arrived in artaaena scret service and mmlitary officers hotel. ppostitution is legal in this part of coluubia, but that's a viooation of the agents code of conduct. when next morning, the hotell alloweddinto the room. they got the police. they went in, and the wwman and the aggnt pere arguing. she said he owed buu he paid it, and tterr was - made. but, the policeedid file a reporttwith the american
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embassy."after that report pade its way to secret serviie headquarters. at least five military personnel and 11 pecret service agents and officers were sent home and are nnw under investigatioo. according to a government official hat list includes two supervisorssand one elite the weekend the secret service saiddnone of these agents was assigned to the preeidential protective divisiin. these actions have had no impact on the ecret servicees ability to eeecute a comprehennive security plan for the presidentts visit to cartagena. nddall 11 employees have been placed on administrative leave. republicans who don't typicaaly rush to defend this president n politics say, in security -- is defense is what matterssmost."the idea that there was no risk to the president just doesn't hold water. more impprtantly, five or ten years from now some of these secret service agents could well be at thee president's side."forrer
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agents say they are trainnd to the possibilityyof blackmail.....oneeformee agent pwe're here on behall of our people ann that meann we conduct urselves with the utmost dignniy and probity and doesn't match up witththose ed standards. but again, i think i'll waat until the full investigation s completed bbfore i pass final judgment." senate republicans blook tte bill thattwould impose a "... a minimum tax rate of 30-percent of american millions.the bill is naaed after billionaire warree bbffett... who sspports higher ttxes on he rich.on proposal for ddbate.democrats 3 fell 99vvtes short from beeng
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bill. about your behavior... next e time you attend a ravens game. turnssout... the n-f-l issnow cracking down on out-of- control ffns. fans who are ejected from a game won't be allowed back in until they pass a so-callld code-of- conduct" xam.that's according to the new york post.the tests &pareeaa effoot to stem the tid of violenttbehavior at pporting events. out offtime now.. incomee taxes are due today. tooay. joel d. smith is live downtown wwere many folks still file the old faahioned way... at the post officc... to tell us how you cannbenefit today, whetter you owe 3 3
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phe space shuttle diicoveey is today.only this time... it's t - ggtting a little helppthh retired ssuttle will fly on the back of a 7-47... where it will travel from the ennedy spaceecenter... to washinggon d--.theee... it will go on pprmanent display at the smithsonian museum. a newwreport by "c-b-c news"... finds the u-s has some of the saltiest fooos in the world.the study comppred the alt levels of 6 different fast food chains in 6 countries....and the u-s came out on top..mong the saltiest foods was cdonald's 3-times the salt of those soll in the uniteddkingdom.canada new zealand had the saltiest
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big macs. aa open mic... leads to controv. controversy.wwat issclear is that governor romney is trying to make the speciffcs of his american people." or the - the rrearks by g-o-p presidential candidate mitt rommey... caught at a no press event...concerning his deficit reeuctioo plan... hat e hasn't reeeased to the public. public. ♪
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((traffic reporter ad libs)) maa fiber map 895 ap 3
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3 33 3
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best b is shutting some of it's doors. doors. ow anyystores are pehiid the brick and morter ptores not doing weel. well."this is my last election. after my eleccion i have more flexibilitya&" presiient caught heaa for thiss comment.and nw ... it's ggo-p candidate mitt romney caught &phe made about his plan to reduce the federal deficit... ((bump out)) ((break 2))-3 [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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but let's celebrate! [ male announcer ] buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger and get a free double chocolate chip cake. an open microphone can be a politician's worst enemy...ann now, pressdential candidate mitt romneyyis reepooding to his oww candid microphone jim acosta reports... reporters were all ears as the candidate spoke candidlyyat a private fundraiser about eliminating government agencies, tax more. --reporter pkg-as follows -- foo mitt romney, it was supppsed o be a rivate but two reporterr -- one from nbc, the other from the wall street journal overheard specifics ffom romney'' deficit reductioo plan that hh hhs yet to share with the public. amonggthe ideas romney said he wws considering: eliminating the departmenntof
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housing and urban development and consolidating the education department with repprters also heard romney talk about doing away with the mortgage deduction for second to pounce,,acccsing romney f evaluate candidates based on ..- their recoods and their be aale o lift pp the hood and kickkthe tires and make that determination before election day and what is cllar is that governor romney s trying to make the specifics f his policies off limits for the american people." ven at thee fundraiser romnee didd't spell &pall of his plann... saying developmmnt, wwich my dad was head of, that might not be these one by one. what i can tell you is, we've got ffr oo many bureaucraas. i will send a lot of what happens in washingtoo back to he states. former senator jim talent, a romney surrogate, said on a campaign conferenne call that
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about different deas as theyy come up on the stump. he wasn't annnuncing policy.." republican party's chairman said the remarks were meant for a private aadience..i resppct the governor and his cooment, that what was saii in pprvate will emain in private.""this is y last the revelations come less than a monnh after romney slammed &ptte president when he was overheard on a live mic telling the rrssiaas that deal with hot buttoo foreign policy issuessaater the preeident is lanninngon doing pomething wiih hem that he's not willing to tell the american people befooe the election is something i ind very, very alarming."but it &pwas rooney unplugged at thee fundraiserracknowledging e's going to ooercome the issue f weakness with laaino voters... that he likes wolf litzer... and that fox news is watched by what he cclled true
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believers.the wife of the likely gop nominee... ann romney as also at the fundraisee where she called hasn'' worked a day in her life an early birthday prrsent... a ign she welcomed the controversy. shh called it a defining mmmeet in the race.. im acosta cnn, washington.-----end----- cnn.script----- signs that the markee is picking up... up...the two areas where people areeracking up sales. 3((breaa 3)) 3 [ male announcer ] for some reason
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how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. --reporter pkg-as follows -- stocks ended mixed monday.the dow jjmped 71 poinnsthe asdaq and the s&& 500 bothhended in neggtive buy uuveiled the locattons of the 50 stooes it plann tt close by 50 stooehe end of the year... w minnesota being the hardest hit states.the brick-and- mortar retailerrhas ssruggled toocompete with online storeeclosures areepart of the electronics giant plan to move away frrm a big-box business solld gains in march.the ed
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latest report from the commerce department mondayy point-nine percent.but, the - - biggest incrrase was a and garden supply retailers... a sign home buildiig iss ppcking up.the phaamaceutical giant merck is set toopay cancer drug.the company will the biopharmaceutical company, - endocyte.the agreement will give merck rights to develop and commercialize endocyte's exxeeimental canccr drug, conditions are met....merck will pay endocyye aa additional 880-million dollars. for usiness brief, i'm elizabeth corridan. p----end-----cnn.script----- your eyes aree't deceiving you! you!where this life-like tupac performed with fellow rappers. sendiig chills.


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